Bride and Groom modeling during their museum wedding

Can we still work together if we're not in the same state?

YES. I love to travel and have a fair amount of experience working with long distance brides. If you're not a Charleston, SC local then we will hold all of our meetings over Skype (or Google Hangouts, whichever you prefer) and then I'll arrive in your home town in plenty of time for your wedding rehearsal. (Though, I should mention, that you will be responsible for covering the cost of my travel.

gold sparkly, sequin bridesmaid dress and bouquet

Do you help with DIY projects or handmade elements if I need some assistance?

I do as long as I have the availability. DIY and creative projects are some of my very favorite things to work on, however, my brides and the work I have already committed to do for them comes first. I work hard to not take on more than I can handle so that each one of my brides gets the very best work I can offer. If I have a full schedule and cannot in good conscious take on another project without making everyone suffer, then I won't. If you're one of my brides, I am always happy to talk to you about how you could approach a project to make it come out the way you're wanting and advise you on how to get the look for less.

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