When Should I Choose My Bridal Party?

When should you choose your bridal party members? Some great tips to help you think through the perfect timing are up on the Paper Swallow Events' blog! @paperswalloweve

I've talked before, here and here, about bridal party etiquette but always seem to get more questions. It's no wonder, really. The subject is big and could involve hurt feelings which means brides to be are treading lightly as they wonder who to settle on as their bridal party members. 

One question I've received recently was "When should I choose my bridal party members?" which is what I want to address today. My advice comes in two parts.

1. Wait until you have a wedding date settled.

Choosing your wedding date is hard enough. When you start adding in the schedules and preferences of more people than just your fiance, immediate families and venue's availability you'll get way too overwhelmed way too quickly. Waiting until you've settled on a date before asking your bridal party also helps them know exactly what they're saying yes to. 

2. Wait until you are no further than 9 months away from that date.

A lot can happen in a year or two. Financial situations and friendships can change a lot. Maybe in a couple months the best friend who is in a financial bind will be able to afford the dress you want. Or, as much as we hate to think about it, maybe that girl who you're just now becoming BFFs with will turn out to be someone you really don't want standing up with you by the time your wedding roles around. Of course, you can always fire bridal party members (it's sad, but it happens) or you can always add them on. However, for minimal hurt feelings and the best picture of how your friendships will look when the big day arrives, I recommend waiting until you're approximately 9 months out. 

Alternatively, if your engagement is 6 months or shorter, asking your bridal party should be one of the very first things you should do because their schedules may be booking up as quickly as the venues you adore. 

What is one wedding planning question that keeps tripping you up? 

xoxo, Stacia