Photographer's Box (Capturing the Little Details)

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As you plan your wedding day you will make decisions regarding a potentially overwhelming amount of details to include in your wedding day. What favors will you have? What flowers will you use? What are you doing for your invitation suite? Each decision that you make creates the look and feel of your wedding day as a whole. If you're anything like me, you want to be sure that these details are captured along with the rest of your wedding photos so that you can look back and remember all of the things you curated and created for your wedding day. However, it's easy to forget in all the hustle that you need to communicate with your photographer exactly what important details they should capture.

( the bottom of this post I have a great, free printable that will help ensure that all of these details get captured! Don't miss it!)

Now, if you have a good photographer who does a lot of weddings, they will have gotten into the habit of capturing all of these details. It's part of their job. But it never hurts to add them to your list of requested shots regardless. This provides the photographer a list to check back with to ensure that they've captured everything you were desiring. It also helps you make sure that you have a copy of those details available for your photographer. For instance, it is not uncommon to forget to bring a copy of your invitation suite with you to your venue for the photographer to capture.

How can you avoid forgetting and make sure that your photographer captures all of the little details on your wedding day?

Assemble a "Photographer's Box" for them that they can access as soon as they get to your venue and quickly capture all these little details.

Suggestions for your box:

  • Engagement ring + Wedding bands
  • Invitation Suite
  • Garters
  • Bride's shoes
  • Bride's jewelry + Veil
  • Any other paper goods (menu, ceremony program, etc.)

Be sure to also request other items, like your wedding favors, that sometimes get overlooked!

Did you have a photographer's box at your wedding? How did that work for you?

xoxo, Stacia

P.S. Scroll down for my free printable checklist to help ensure that you don't forget any of these details!!

Photography: Sarah Becker Photography | Invitation Suite: Woodchick Studios | Gold Hearts: Fairyfolk Weddings | Model: Juliet Spiekerman | Artistic Director: Paper Swallow Events