What I Have in My Wedding Emergency Kit: Floral Supplies

Every wondered what the professionals carry in their wedding day emergency kits? Click through for a sneak peak at what this wedding planner has in her bag just in case anything goes awry on your wedding day! @paperswalloweve

Today we're in for the second installment of what I have in my wedding day emergency kit!

One of my roles as a wedding planner and coordinator is to arrive prepared for as many potential emergencies as possible. Wedding days aren't movies where you can keep going back and "retaking" each moment that doesn't go precisely as planned. They're more similar to a live theatrical event where you have your plan and inform everyone of their roles, but sometimes things get thrown off the track. During the planning process, I work hard with my brides to ensure that we avoid as many of these potential problems as possible, but I always make sure I have my wedding emergency kit with me just in case!

My wedding kit is always expanding, but I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts sharing the different supplies my emergency kit holds. Today we're talking about all the different supplies I have in my bag for any wedding floral emergencies! 

Floral Tape

I haven't had to pull this out at an event yet, but floral tape is one of those items you can just never be sure when you'll need. I like to keep it in my kit in case a bouquet is having trouble staying together, I need to whip up another boutonniere for a groomsman, or a flower is wilting and needs some extra support.

Floral Wire

Floral wire helps for keeping buds upright. It's also a key part in making those beautiful floral garlands you see draped over arches or along tables.

Zip Ties

These are genius for affixing flowers to arbors, chairs, and any other number of surfaces!

Boutonniere Pins

Sometimes one just isn't enough or one gets lost. I've also used these for affixing ribbon to fabric chairs along a ceremony aisle. You just never know! :)

Paper Towels

Because no one needs wet spots on their dresses during pictures. ;)

What would you add?

xoxo, Stacia