What Are Your Maid of Honor's Duties?

What can a bride expect from her right hand woman? Click through to read a list of the maid of honor's duties!

Last week we talked about what your bridesmaids' duties are. This week we're breaking down what can be expected of your maid of honor. You should definitely refer to last week's post because anything that applies to your bridesmaids also applies to your maid of honor. This post focuses on the additional duties that fall only on your maid of honor!

Plan the bachelorette party

It is perfectly acceptable to recruit other bridesmaids to help with this duty! However, it falls on the maid of honor to ensure that a bachelorette party is planned and that it is meaningful for the bride.

Plan the bridal or lingerie shower

The bridal shower may or may not fall in to the maid of honor's duties depending on if there are other bridal showers being thrown for the bride. However, if the bridal shower is not combined with the bachelorette party, then the maid of honor needs to take charge of this responsibility.

Work as a communicator between the bride and the bridesmaids

Not everyone has a perfect memory and there will be plenty of times where bridesmaids will need to ask questions that the bride may have already answered. To keep the bride's stress down, the maid of honor should work as a point of contact for wedding related questions for all the bridesmaids. I recommend creating a private Facebook group just for the bridesmaids so that they can talk about all things wedding, bachelorette, and lingerie shower easily.

Fix the bride's train during the ceremony

When the bride turns to face her groom during the ceremony, or when she turns to walk back up the aisle, the maid of honor needs to fix her train so that 1) it photographs well and 2) it doesn't trip her up when she tries to walk.

Hold the bride's bouquet during the ceremony

The bride will not hold her bouquet the entire ceremony since she will need use of her hands for things like the exchange of rings and the unity ceremony. The maid of honor is the one who takes the responsibility for holding it during the ceremony and handing it back to the bride to walk back up the aisle.

Hold the groom's ring during the ceremony

The maid of honor is responsible for holding the groom's ring during the ceremony and handing it over to the bride when it's time to exchange rings. The best way to do this is to wear it on their thumb.

Witness the marriage license

Some states do not have a place for witnesses to sign, but if they do the maid of honor is usually one of these witnesses along with the best man.

Give a toast during the reception

This might be the most difficult task for most maids of honor, but if toasts are being done during the reception the maid of honor is expected to give one. Keep it short and sweet and you'll be fine!

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