Welcome to the Weekend!

Photo by Ashlee glen

Photo by Ashlee glen

Happy Weekend! This week has been full of early mornings, client work and working on our apartment. There have also been evenings of library book reading and just relaxing with Michael. I feel as if we've finally found a routine and aren't rushing headlong into the next thing anymore, which is what I felt like we were doing all through our move and settling in. I've also discovered funny neighborhood quirks like the car that starts honking its horn at the opposite corner of our block all the way through our stop sign and midway through the next block at approximately 9:30 every morning. Or the 7:40 carpool that sits outside of our apartment and honks until their passenger comes out. haha. Anyways! Here are some great links for you!

Wedding vendors talk about how they handle giving customers discounts.

Flowers add up fast, especially if the ones you love aren't in season during your wedding month. I agree with these 6 ways to stretch your floral budget.

I am in love with this necklace. Also this one and this one. ;)

I love little clothing details like this.

These could make gorgeous centerpieces.

I'm working on my own color story right now. It's time to paint some furniture! :)

THIS is probably on of my favorite things on the internet right now!

What are some of your fun finds this past week? Anything exciting happening in your life this weekend?

xoxo, Stacia