What I Have in My Wedding Emergency Kit: Types of Tape

What I Have in My Wedding Emergency Kit (Part 1): Types of Tape - Paper Swallow Events @paperswalloweve #wedding #weddingplanner

One of my roles as a wedding coordinator is to arrive prepared for as many potential emergencies as possible. Wedding days aren't movies where you can keep going back and "retaking" each moment that doesn't go precisely as planned. They're more similar to a live theatrical event where you have your plan and inform everyone of their roles, but sometimes things get thrown off the track. During the planning process, I work hard with my brides to ensure that we avoid as many of these potential problems as possible, but I always make sure I have my wedding emergency kit with me for all the potential problems the day could experience. 

My wedding kit is always expanding, but I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts sharing the different supplies my emergency kit holds but categorize it by item type. Because it's slightly amazing how many types of one thing I need in my bag. Today we're talking about tape!

Scotch Tape

Your normal, every day clear tape is great for hanging signs or helping with any lightweight, minimal use projects throughout the day. Since it's clear, it's more versatile than a lot of the other tapes on this list.

White Electrical Tape

White electrical tape is great for helping hold flowers together under their ribbons if you need something stronger than floral tape (because if you're not a florist, florist tape can take a little getting used to.) It can also come in handy if something (heaven forbid!) happens to the bride's dress and a safety pin just won't cut it.

Masking Tape

This tape is less ideal than scotch tape because it's a visible cream color, but I always have it handy for slightly more intense tape projects because it removes cleaner than duct tape - which venues definitely appreciate.

White Gaffers Tape

Gaffers tape is what people use to tape wires down on the ground because it doesn't leave the same sticky residue that duct tape can leave. I carry white gaffers tape for any wedding dress emergencies. It's more flexible and has a better hold than white electrical tape with a matte finish, so if I do need to fix her wedding dress, for some reason, it is much less noticeable.

Florists Tape

You never know when there might be a floral emergency! Or maybe the ring bearer got too rough with his boutonniere and the flower is now wilting. Florists tape is green and can easily help camouflage these issues.

Command Strips

Command strips are perfect for hanging wall decor without damaging the walls of the venue. I love them and always like to have a few on hand just in case.

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is great for holding things down on a flat surface or affixing signs to surfaces without visible tape. 

So those are the types of tape that I currently have in my wedding emergency kit. Needless to say, it's quite the heavy bag!

What part of my emergency kit do you want to  know about next?

xoxo, Stacia