Vendor Highlights: East West Design Co.

Vendor Highlights: East West Design Co. - Paper Swallow Events

Hello lovelies! Today I'm highlighting another vendor that I absolutely adore. East West Design Co. is a lovely Etsy shop that is just now expanding their business to include wedding invitations. Read more about them below and be sure to check out their shop for all kinds of beautiful print items! xoxo, Stacia

Tell us a little about yourself and East West Design Co.
My name is Rachel and I'm one half of East West Design Co.. My shop partner Lindsey and I started our Etsy shop in June of 2014 with little knowledge of what we were doing. We just knew that we loved creating paper goods and using our lettering to make pretty things! We have learned a lot since then. We currently sell prints, cards, and stamps.

What inspired your company's name?
Lindsey and I met through her brother -- AKA my fiance! We are getting married in April! We both knew that we wanted to create an Etsy shop together but we lived in two different states...across the country. Lindsey lives in California and I live in Georgia. From there, the name "East West" was born!

What inspired you to go into print making?
Simply a shared love for seeing beautiful scripture on the walls of homes. We are both natural crafters and just can't help but create something. Might as well make it into a business!

You are currently expanding your business to include invitations, what inspired that move?
I can definitely say that my own wedding planning has inspired a desire to put a couple of invitations into the shop. I'm making my own invitation suite and have enjoyed every second of it! Today I'm working on the calligraphy for my envelopes and my hands are already cramping! I'm hoping to add two or three invitation suites to the shop and maybe a bridal shower invitation as well!

Where do you go to find inspiration?
Scripture, Pinterest, wedding magazines, other shops that inspire us...there are endless sources of inspiration!

What is your favorite part of running your business?
I love packaging up a print and getting it ready to go out to the customer. It's so fun!

Do you accept custom requests?
YES! We love making custom prints.

What motivates you to return to East West Design Co even after a tough day?
Good question! Sometimes, we have a slow month. It's SO easy to get discouraged and think things like, "maybe I'll just focus on other things" or, "this isn't for me." But God quickly reminds me that He gave me these gifts to use. I have to check in with myself to make sure I'm not doing this for my own glory, but for His.

Do you have any rituals that help you get into a creative zone before starting your work?
I just have to try not to look too much at someone else's work. It's impossible to not be inspired by something else in some small way, but the most unsuccessful creative processes I've had were when I was trying to directly mimic someone else's art! When I just take a few deep breaths and start making, the outcome is always best.

What is something on your business bucket list?
I think it'd be awesome to have a calligraphy business! Although my cramped hand is currently disagreeing with me.

How can people find and connect with you?
Etsy Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Email: