Tips for Enjoying Your Rainy Day Wedding

Photo by sarah becker photography from our wedding.

Photo by sarah becker photography from our wedding.

Rain. It's something most brides pray doesn't happen on their wedding day, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Though your vendor team wants to do everything in their power to make your wedding day as perfect as possible, unfortunately no vendor I know has magic sway on the weather. Sometimes rain happens on a wedding day.

As someone who has both had a rainy day wedding and worked rainy events, here are some of the things I've learned that make your wedding day much more enjoyable despite (or maybe because of) the rain!

Have a Rain Plan.  

You may prefer living in denial, pretending that not having a rain plan will somehow help prevent rain from happening on your wedding day, but that's a bad method. Having a rain plan will minimize the stress and help your vendors better maintain your vision despite the rain. trust me, you don't want to be answering those questions on your wedding day. If you take time to plan in advance, you can even create a rain plan that you look forward to. No, it wouldn't be the same as your rain-free plan, but giving yourself something to look forward to if it does rain will help lessen the feelings of disappointment if it does.

Ask Your Vendors When You Need to Call Plan B.  

Your vendors are accustomed to doing what they do and they know how long they need to set things up. When it's looking like rain, ask your planner how long you can wait to decide if you want to get married in the rain or go with plan b.  

Embrace the Weather.  

Photo by Sarah becker photography from our wedding.

Photo by Sarah becker photography from our wedding.

When the rain hits, just roll with it. Find beauty in the dark clouds and think about how beautiful any greenery will look when you go outside to take photos in the lulls. The happier you are, the happier your guests will be. Besides, at the end of the day you two will be married regardless of the weather, and that is the most important part of your wedding day!

What are your thoughts on rainy day weddings?

xoxo, Stacia