Tips for DIY Wedding Invitations

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Tips for Your DIY Wedding Invitations - Paper Swallow Events

Invitations. They're a necessary part of every wedding (unless you're having a super intimate ceremony and invite your family by word of mouth, or you elope), but they can easily get costly. Sites like Minted have gorgeous invitations but I understand that they're not always in a bride's budget. Instead of causing brides to dispair and feel as if they must break the bank, here are some of my best tips for DIYing your wedding invitations!

Envelope Quality Matters. 

Don't use security envelopes or cheap (almost transparent) envelopes from the dollar store, spend a little bit more on a higher quality envelope. It will set the mood for your guests and up the overall look and feel of your invitation.

Use Free Fonts to Your Advantage.

There are TONS of resources online where you can find free fonts - especially since you're not using them for commercial purposes. Take the time to scour these resources and find a unique font that reflects the style of your wedding day.

Print Multiple Invites to a Page.

Choose an invitation size that will allow you to print multiple invitations on a page. It will be much more cost effective, but you will need to be aware of the time it will take to cut them apart.

Pay Attention to Your Paper Quality.

Don't let all your hard work filter down the drain because you used regular printer paper. Buy some heavy cardstock to print on instead.  (Have fun and use a wedding color!)

Check and Triple Check Your Spelling!

We're human and spelling errors happen, but do your best to ensure that your invitations don't have any. Spelling errors will make people feel that the invitations are either homemade (the goal is to trick them!) or that the printer was lazy. A well worded, spelling-error-free invitation will effectively set the tone of your wedding and make the invites appear much more professional.

Convert it to a PDF.

This really only matters if you want to use a photo in your invitation. Once you're  done designing the invite, convert it all to a PDF so that it can be printed just like (and at the cost of) a color document instead of as a photo.

What would you add to this list?

xoxo, Stacia

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