Tips for Choosing Your Wedding + Engagement Rings

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You’ve finally decided to spend the rest of your life together. Congratulations! It’s time you started thinking of your engagement ring and wedding bands. Ideally, buy rings that complement each other without going over the top. Opt for non-identical rings keeping scope for variety and future changes.

Katie Jones from Orla James has put together some ways you can choose your wedding and engagement rings.

Decide ring style:

Start by making a choice between gemstones and diamonds. Decide if you would like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and so on. Once done, narrow your choice to band style – simple, or with embellishments. Keep your partner in the loop while making these decisions in case you want similar looking rings.

Mix your styles up:

It’s perfectly fine if you both have different tastes. If you like yellow gold and your partner likes white gold, you could compromise by customizing both metals – either an intertwining weave or by blending both together. Always remember that you are your own unique person – your life together should be a celebration of two halves that are unique in their own right. Key is to blend your individual styles in a beautiful and harmonious manner that reflects your union.

Select the clarity and cut:

If you and your partner opt for rings with gemstones, check with your jeweler for cut, clarity, karats, style, and setting. Explain to your jeweler how you would like the cut of stone to be – marquise, pear, emerald, princess, heart-cut and so on. Pay attention to the clarity of your gemstones. Getting your choice perfect is what matters – if you are worried about your selection, read up a bit before you go to ensure you are getting exactly what you both want.

Decide on customizations:

Many couples today prefer getting customized engagement and wedding rings to preserve uniqueness. Your individuality should reflect on your one-of-a-kind love. Going for a custom design also requires that you’re part of the creative process – just like your wedding preparations, you get to decide what goes where. The drawbacks to getting customized rings are that you need to start early (5-6 weeks prior) and have a clear vision of the rings in your head.

Pair your engagement and wedding rings:

If you’ve had a surprise engagement ring and are thinking of pairing your wedding ring with it, then you can mix and match to suit your preference! If you have a single solitaire ring as your engagement ring, you could pair it with a simple wedding band set in pave style to add brilliance to both rings! A pave set engagement ring could be paired with a stone-less wedding band to show off the dazzle on your ring finger. If you have a colored stone for your engagement ring, then pair it with a wedding band that alternates between diamonds and the same colored stone to maintain perfect symmetry!

Select a Budget:

When you decide on your wedding budget, be sure to make a special note of your engagement and wedding bands. Budgeting in advance assures that you have prepared for actual expenses. If you want, you could keystone a sizable chunk towards your wedding bands since you both would be wearing them daily for the rest of your union. Ideally, couples spend about 3-4 % of the total wedding budget on the rings. Factor in the costs of stone, metal, cut, clarity, any customizations, and engravings you might want.

Check for quality:

Always remember that you will be wearing your rings for long periods of time without taking them off. Quality control should be checked on engagement rings as well as wedding bands. Ensure you have the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark. This also assures that the metal and stone you have bought are of superior quality. Even if this means paying a little extra, ensure to get it done.

Real-life Inspiration:

Take inspiration from people around you while choosing your rings and make them your own. While you might like the cut of one stone, you might not be happy with the clarity. Whether you actually want to know the cut or clarity of the rings, it’s a great way to start observing and getting your choice into shape.

No matter your choice of rings, what matters is that you will wear them as a symbol of your love. Maintaining integrity and commitment in your rings is what matters. Your personality and uniqueness should shine with brilliance and beauty. This small piece of jewelry signifies the loyalty and love that you both will share for a lifetime!!

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