Tips for a Successful Styled Couple's Shoot

Sheer Tent Paper Swallow Events

I think props are a great addition to any photo shoot and can really help bring a couple's personalities to life! However, with all of the wedding styled shoots that are circulating the internet nowadays, I think it's easy to get overwhelmed by too many beautiful options and to lose sight of the focus of the pictures - you two. 

In real life we're not really wanting a serious styled shoot, we want images that we feel connected with and that represent our relationships somehow. Yes, we also want them to be beautiful, but I find people are often disappointed if their images are so styled that they lose part of the emotion and relationship in the process. How can you avoid that? Here are some tips for successfully styling a couple's shoot!

Sheer Tent Paper Swallow Events

Remember Less is More

Focus on a few props that you know you'll have fun with. Or go overboard with your outfits with a more simplistic setting. Avoid giving yourself too many props that you feel like you need to include, or giving yourself too much to focus on. Make sure that you can focus on your partner first and foremost. You probably want to avoid including the hula hoop and the monkey. Maybe just one or the other. ;) 

Do the Props Feel Natural?

Chances are, if you feel silly using the props you will also come across to the camera that way. Is that the type of image you're going for? Avoid the unnatural feelings and looks by choosing props that highlight a part of your personality and that you regularly interact with.

Communicate with Your Partner

Spend some time before the shoot talking with your partner about the type of images you're both wanting. Don't wait til you're in the moment and your photographer is waiting to have this discussion.

Yes, be spontaneous and come up with ideas on the day of, but don't wait until the last minute to nail down your goals for the shoot.  Having a pre-determined direction can help you feel more comfortable and just enjoy the moment.


Be Okay with Spontaneity

This goes back to what I just said, but be willing to play on the day of. Your photographer may have some great suggestions for poses or you may come up with something you hadn't thought of before. Be okay with that. Give it a try! 

Bring Your Photographer into the Loop

Let your photographer know in advance a little about the mood you're aiming for. They may have suggestions about the time of day you should shoot or an alternative location. At the very least, they'll feel more prepared walking into your shoot and be a larger part of your team! 

Breathe. Play. Relax.  

This is supposed to be fun! Maybe you're not used to having your photo taken, but embrace the moment and have fun with your partner! 

Have you ever styled a photo session for you and your loved one? What are some things you learned?

xoxo, Stacia

P.S. All of the photos in this post are from Michael + my one year anniversary session with the fabulous Maddie K. Doucet Photography & Design. She's wonderful to work with and I couldn't be happier about the images we received!