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Have you ever looked back on your life and realized that what you are doing today is so incredibly different than you ever expected to be doing? Yet, instead of being filled with regret, you are so thankful and amazed that your life brought you to this point. That's how I feel when I think back on where Paper Swallow Events came from.

For those who don't know, I was a musical theater major in college. I had been doing theater, singing, and dancing ever since I can remember, so it felt like the natural and "given" thing for me to pursue as a career. Throughout my time at college I just knew that I would graduate and move the New York where I would work tirelessly to get on Broadway. 

It was just what I was going to do.

However, one thing I also adored in college was being behind the scenes. Making sure props were in place before the show, lighting cues, helping people know when and where to enter/exit, painting the sets, and even creating the costumes. I loved being part of each of these areas and seeing each one come together opening night to create the full vision of the show.

I was good at keeping track of all the moving pieces and helping ensure things were completed by their deadlines.

My final semester of college, I started dating a pretty awesome dude, and somewhere in that semester I realized that while I found being center stage filled me with adrenaline and I was willing to push myself hard to meet the expectations of my roles, I felt more comfortable, efficient and alive when I was backstage. 

I realized I was an expert at being available where I was needed, invisible when I'm not needed, and fixing a problem before anyone had noticed that it existed. I learned how passionate I was about helping other people. That I thrive on keeping all the plates in the air and not breaking any. I finally acknowledged how acute my attention to detail could be.

Fast forward to a year after college when I was preparing to marry aforementioned awesome dude. After a year of wondering how I could best use all of the skills that I clearly possessed in a way that would benefit other people and allow me to connect deeply with them, I realized how perfectly wedding planning/coordinating matched those skills.

Wedding days are my very favorite days. I LOVE orchestrating every detail to the bride's specifications. It brings me so much joy to address each item as it comes up and to predict and provide a solution to any potential problems (from the groomsmen's pants being wrinkled to the caterer being an hour behind schedule) and fixing them without the bride even having time to worry about them. 

I thrive in the chaos and bustle of a wedding day.

When I leave a wedding with aching feet, a tired body, and memories of the joyful smiles on the couple's faces in my mind, there is no better feeling in the world. Being able to bring that joy to someone else is the biggest blessing and I adore being part of such an intimate and special day.

Paper Swallow Events is the culmination of all my skills and passions. I cannot imagine myself pursuing any other line of work and I eagerly anticipate every day when I can wake up and hopefully take a huge burden of stress off of yet another bride!

Just like in theater, the wedding must go on, but it's always so much better when the couple can enjoy it instead of stress over it!

What can you not imagine your life without?

xoxo, Stacia

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