The Best of 2015

Can you believe that it's the last day of 2015? I've been thinking a lot about the past year recently, all the changes that happened for both Paper Swallow and myself behind the scenes. It's a really crazy and overwhelming amount! I am so thankful for everything that occurred this past year, the couples I've worked with, the vendors I've met, and the adventures I've taken. I can't say I'm exactly where I pictured myself being when I started 2015, but I wouldn't change where I ended up, either. 

Since we are about to close out 2015 and welcome 2016, I thought it would be fun to look back over the highlights from the 150 posts that I have shared with you this past year. I was looking through all of them the other day and I couldn't believe that I've written 150 posts this past year. That's a whole lot of writing! I had fun collecting some of my personal favorite pieces that I've written and putting them all together here! I hope you find some that are helpful for you!

Also, be sure to comment after you read this post and let me know what you would like to see more of in 2016! Thanks! xoxo

First up, the weddings and events that I did this past year! I don't have pictures from all the weddings that I've done this year up on the blog yet (and some I just don't have pictures from), but I love the ones that I've been able to share! Check out the ones I have shared!

I've shared some personal peeks and insights while also being able to work with some really great brands! Check out these posts:

I love DIY projects and making things with my hands! These are a few of my favorite DIY projects that I've shared on the blog this past year! Though the wreath and the ring bearer pillow are probably my very favorites.

As much as I like to talk about etiquette, there are plenty of wedding planning details that are difficult to apply hard and fast etiquette rules to. They require knowing details about your unique wedding. These are some of the pieces of advice that I think all brides can benefit from regardless of their event style or budget!


At the beginning part of the year I highlighted some of my lovely vendor friends and want to give them another shout of at the end of this year. Both of these ladies are so talented and their work is so lovely!

Meghan & Christopher (2).JPG

Lastly, these are my very favorite pieces of etiquette advice that I've written about this past year. I would love to know if any of them helped you think through different parts of your wedding day!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me, reading, and following along with this journey during 2015. I can't wait for 2016 and everything it is going to bring!

What types of posts would you like to see from me in 2016?

xoxo, Stacia