Should You Get Married on Your Birthday?

Photo by Sarah Becker Photography

Photo by Sarah Becker Photography

Michael and I both come from families who have celebrated birthiversaries. We actually celebrate one of our own now, too. It was never an intentional tradition or pattern, but sometimes chance aligns just right and a tradition of sorts can form. 

What is a birthiversary?

A birthiversary is the name our families have given to a wedding anniversary that falls on one of the couple's birthdays. 

My grandpa go married to my grandma on his birthday, Michael's parents not only share a birthday but they also got married on that day (talk about a mega celebration every year!), and then Michael and I got married on my birthday. It's a funny coincidence that we have dubbed a tradition. However, I will in no way pressure my future children to have a birthiversary of their own. Birthiversaries work best when they happen by chance.

What are some reasons you might want to consider getting married on your birthday?

It's the best day for the vendors that you want. 

This was the reason Michael and I decided to get married on my birthday. When we were venue and photographer shopping (two things that mattered more to us than a lot of other wedding details) there was only one day where both our dream venue and our ideal photographer were available. That day was my birthday. Because these details were so important to us, it was easy for us to make the decision to get married on my birthday and I still don't regret that decision. Granted, on our actual anniversary we usually acknowledge my birthday and then plan a special date night either the week before or after the celebrate our anniversary. It works for us because (in our opinion) celebrating on the actual day isn't the important part. What's more important is that we choose a day to acknowledge the milestone.

Besides, when our anniversary falls in the middle of the week it can be hard to celebrate in a way that's meaningful to us. I genuinely believe that we would generally end up celebrating on a different day even if we hadn't gotten married on my birthday.

You hate your birthday and want to redeem the day.

If your birthday has never been one of your favorite days (maybe something tragic happened on your birthday in the past) a wedding is a great way to redeem the day. You get to celebrate one of the biggest occasions of your life and will (honestly) be way too distracted that day to even realize it's your birthday. From that year on out you can choose to either celebrate one or both of the occasions. 

What are some reasons you should not get married on your birthday?

Your birthday falls on a holiday.

If your birthday falls on a holiday or a holiday weekend (example: Memorial Day weekend), it will be very difficult for your guests to prioritize your day. Unless you're eloping or planning a super intimate ceremony where you know everyone can arrange to be present, save your guests the stress of choosing family plans over your big event. 

You love celebrating your birthday and don't want to share the limelight.

If you love your birthday and always throw a huge party, you may grow to resent the sharing of the limelight with your anniversary. I will admit that it's always a bit confusing for our friends and family to figure out if they're supposed to wish us "happy anniversary" or me "happy birthday." I've never been particularly attached to my birthday so I don't really mind, but I know some people who definitely would.

Your birthday is also the birthday of some close family members.

Two celebrations on one day can be tough enough. Adding an anniversary to the mix can just be confusing and awkward. It may be best to be considerate and not add another celebration onto your family's calendars.

What do you think? Would you get married on your birthday?

xoxo, Stacia