#shakeitupdaily Photo Challenge - Week 2

February Photo Challenge Week 2 - Paper Swallow Events

You guys, the first week of this challenge was so fun! I loved seeing a couple of you jump in and participate with me! Are you ready for week two?!

For those who are new to this, the inspiration behind #shakeitupdaily is twofold. The first part has to do with letting go of what we feel pressured by the outside world to be saying and doing. The second part is about shaking up the box of comfort that we too often put ourselves in. To encourage ourselves to see the world more broadly than our current day-to-day perspective and to be willing to learn + grow.

I hope that this excites you and that you're ready to jump in with me!

First off, here are the things that I shared this past week!

something blue | the weather | show your nerd side | a piece of joy

something blue | the weather | show your nerd side | a piece of joy

Here are a selection of my favorites that all of you shared! Thank you ladies for joining me!

Are you ready for next week's prompts? Here they are!
February Photo Challenge Week Two - Paper Swallow Events

Which challenge are you most excited about this week?

xoxo, Stacia

P.S. Do you have trouble remembering a prompt for a specific day? Go ahead and jump in with the hashtag anyway and if you may end up being featured here if your photo meets one of the prompts!