#shakeitupdaily Photo Challenge - Week 1

February Photo Challenge - Paper Swallow Events

Are you guys ready for the first week of February and this photo challenge?! I am so excited to see where this takes my photography skills. 

The inspiration behind #shakeitupdaily is twofold. The first part has to do with letting go of what we feel pressured by the outside world to be saying and doing. It's time to shake off those pressures and pursue what we feel passionate about even if others sometimes think that we're crazy. The second part is about shaking up the box of comfort that we too often put ourselves in. To encourage ourselves to see the world more broadly than our current day-to-day perspective and to be willing to learn + grow.

I hope this excites you and that you'll join me in this week's challenge!

February Photo Challenge Week One - Paper Swallow Events

I'll be back on the 8th to share the next week's worth of prompts and to feature what you all have come up with in response to these. I can't wait!

Which prompt are you most excited about? Which prompt are you most challenged by?

xoxo, Stacia