I think that Possibly, Maybe, I'm Falling for You (Rugged Planet Shop Feature)

I was provided this art piece by Rugged Planet in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Rugged Planet art shop feature + giveaway!

"I think that possibly, maybe, I'm falling for you. Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you." - Landon Pigg, Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

With Valentine's Day coming up tomorrow, and the little extra bit of love that seems to be in the air right now, I've been enjoying my share of hearts and succulents (my preference to roses.) Whenever Michael and I get reminiscent of our relationship, there are a couple songs that we go to, but only one that truly makes us both feel all the feelings; Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop. It was a song that fell into our lives during the early stages of our relationship and slowly threaded its way into our relationship as "our song" before it eventually became our first dance song.

Michael and I have always been the out of the box couple, so it shouldn't have surprised anyone when we chose an out of the box first dance song, but it did. (No matter what you do, something about your wedding day will surprise someone.) Some people thought it was an odd choice, but it us, it couldn't have been more perfect.

You see, we really did fall in love at a coffee shop. (In a really small, college town, where the coffee shop owner was a little too nosy and plugged in some Christmas lights, flipped out the overhead lights, and said something about "ambiance" as he left the two of us alone in the side room of his shop during our second coffee outing. I don't remember what he said because I'm pretty sure I was beet red. We were firmly "just friends" in my head at the time.)

The quirky lyrics of this song match perfectly with our slow realization that we were both falling in love with each other (something incredibly obvious to all of our friends that only became evident to us when we were separated by distance over a school break and spent almost every evening of that break talking until the wee hours of the morning.)

Thus, when Brittney, the brilliant creative behind Rugged Planet mentioned that she was looking to offer her skills to the wedding market and wondered if I would like to see the quality of her work myself with a custom quote, I couldn't help but think that 1) that sounded like a delightful collaboration and, 2) this was the quote I wanted. Now it hangs on the wall in Michael's and my bedroom, constantly reminding us of all the stages our relationship has been through.

This print arrived from Brittney packaged incredibly safely and is painted on a nice, heavy cardstock that makes the print feel very high-quality. (Which her work is.) I love that Brittney created Rugged Planet out of a passion to sell art that was affordable for everyone coupled with the desire to donate parts of the proceeds to environmental charities.

Brittney offers a wide variety of beautiful calligraphy quotes to more abstract prints in her Etsy shop - so there is something available for everyone! She is so fun to follow on Instagram because it's always a surprise to see what she's creating next.

If you're a bride looking for help with your wedding related details, you can go to Brittney for help with any calligraphy related tasks (envelope addressing, escort cards, place cards, wedding signs, thank you cards, monograms, etc.) She is also very open to taking custom requests and I can only imagine the types of epic custom art pieces she could create for your event!

If you love Brittney's calligraphy as much as I do, you should be sure to head on over to Paper Swallow Events' Instagram where we're giving one of you the chance to win a custom calligraphy print of your own! Good luck!

However, if you see something in her shop that you love, you should definitely snatch it up with the code HAPPYVDAY for $5 off of $25+ between 2/13-2/20. I'd take advantage of it, if I were you! :)

What quote would you choose if you chose one?