Remember to Be Still

You can buy a copy of this beautiful print on Etsy

You can buy a copy of this beautiful print on Etsy

Hello lovelies!

Before this week starts, I just want to remind you to take a moment and be still. Take a minute to sit, breathe deeply, and forget about all of the things you have to do both today and this week. 

Relax. Let yourself unwind and reset for a few minutes.

Whether you're a bride in the midst of wedding planning, a mom, a college student, an entrepreneur, or anyone trying to live their day-to-day life, we all let ourselves get caught up in the overwhelm. We all overcommit or overworry or get "too busy" to sit still. 

We need to remember that we are only human and we can only do our best, and sometimes our best means putting things off by a day or two while other times it means doing more than we thought humanly possible for a day. Whatever your best is today, as long as you've tried your hardest then that is enough. Regardless of what anyone else says.

So, be still for a minute today. Then take a deep breath, look today in the face, and just do your best.

xoxo, Stacia