Preserving Memories During Your Wedding Planning Process

Today I am so thrilled to have Kenzie from Hello Neverland guest posting for me! I have been following Kenzie's blog for almost a year now, and I love her posts about creativity, journal-keeping, and her easily digestible grammar tips. When Kenzie started her recent series about different types of journals people can keep, I immediately thought of my wedding planning process and how I struggled to find easy ways to keep a journal (or any kind of record) of the exciting things happening in my life during this time. Knowing that I can't be the only person who struggled with this, I reached out to Kenzie and asked her to share some suggestions for quick and easy journaling during your engagement process. I love all the suggestions that she has shared below and hope that you all find them helpful! After you're done reading be sure to check out Kenzie's links at the bottom of this post for more of the wonderful things that she writes (and pictures of her cute baby!) Thank you so much for sharing, Kenzie!

xoxo, Stacia

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You’re getting hitched—congratulations! Wedding planning is far and away one of the most exciting periods of life (at least, it was for me). It’s also probably one of the most stressful (sorry, friend). Either way, it’s one of those times you’ll look back on with warm fuzzies years from now.

Of course, if you don't figure out a way to preserve your memories of this phase, your feelings won't be the only things that are fuzzy. But how can you keep a good record of your planning experience in the middle of all the crazy? Don't worry—there are several options that won't eat up hours and hours of valuable planning time.

Keep a planning binder/notebook

You're probably doing this already, so why not use it to keep your memories organized, too? Make notes in the margins, doodle in the white space, and jot down milestones as you go.

Take a camera (or your phone) with you everywhere

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Make it a habit to snap a quick photo when you're working on wedding-related stuff. If you're simply too busy or too wrapped up in wedding details, ask your maid of honor to take over the role of official historian. She'll love being your right-hand woman even before the big day.

Create your own hashtag

Instagram and Tweet your way through the process, and keep it all together with a hashtag. It's like having your own mini album of awesome on the Internet.

Set aside time once a week to write

Once a week, spend an hour (or thirty minutes, or five minutes... whatever works) writing about the past week of planning. Start with the highlights and get more detailed only if you have time.

Do it bumpdate style

Use a standard format to record planning details on a regular basis, like women do with their pregnancies. Record the week's (or month's) big accomplishment(s), the next steps your plan to take, your mood, the number of days left until the wedding, etc.

Make notes on receipts, forms, etc.

Write on the receipt from buying your wedding dress, the alterations form, the score sheet from the tasting with your caterer... use these scrap papers to create an annotated collection of memorabilia.

Save all the scraps

Speaking of scraps—save everything you can get your hands on. Stick receipts, ribbons, fabric samples, shopping bags, packaging, etc. into a smashbook or blank book. Even without notes, it'll be fun to remember the experience associated with each scrap item.

Do you have other ideas? Share 'em in the comments!

Kenzie is the author of Hello Neverland, a lifestyle blog about living up to your creative potential and fearlessly pursuing your dreams. She and her husband, C, got married in June of 2011 and recently became parents to their sweet baby girl, Little Rabbit. Kenzie is an avid journaler, amateur photographer, and total bookworm. Check her out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!