Offbeat Thanksgiving Dish Suggestions

Offbeat Thanksgiving Dish Suggestions - Paper Swallow Events

Normally I am a huge believer in the power of tradition (which is one of the reasons I love being married into Michael's family - I get to participate in their wonderful annual Thanksgiving), but since learning that I have to be gluten free some things have changed. (I can write more about being gluten free another day if you all are interested, but it's beside the point right now.)

Because most traditional Thanksgiving dishes contain the dreaded ingredient gluten, I'm slowly learning to discover my own tradition of a food that I can enjoy eating while everyone else indulges in the evil foods I can't have. If you're like me and are learning to navigate a tradition-filled holiday with new dietary restrictions, or you're looking to introduce a new meal into your Thanksgiving celebration, here are some non-traditional Thanksgiving-esque dishes that you can consider.

5 Bean Chili

This is probably the most offbeat of these dishes, but I can't pass up a good chili. This one is a 5-bean chili by A Beautiful Mess that sounds like it would hit all the right spots!

Stovetop Stuffing - Paper Swallow Events

This stovetop sausage stuffing by The Wetherills Say I Do sounds like a great alternative to traditional Thanksgiving stuffing. I need to figure out a way to make this gluten free ASAP!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans

These roasted sweet potatoes and black beans by A Beautiful Mess look amazing. I love sweet potatoes and I can only imagine how good they would taste with black beans!

I've always liked cheesy potatoes when I want to indulge in something comforting. The twist that The Wetherills Say I Do put on theirs sounds like it would add a unique kick that could be worth a try!

I am a huge lover of butternut squash soup, but I've never tried it the way Queen of Bees made her recipe. It's at the top of my list of recipes to try this year. (Actually, last year I ate butternut squash soup for my Thanksgiving meal, so it wouldn't be unlike me to try this version this year.)

Acorn Squash Soup

I've never actually tried acorn squash soup, but this version with roasted chickpeas by A Beautiful Mess sounds too good to pass up. I'm a fan of snacking on roasted chickpeas, so I can't imagine how it would be bad!

Does your family have a non-traditional dish they likes to eat on Thanksgiving?

xoxo, Stacia