Monthly Goals: October 2014

Hello lovelies! 

Are you enjoying some beautiful October weather? I'm loving seeing the leaves change. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and I'm looking forward to pulling all of my cozy sweaters out! September passed more quickly than I thought it would, but I got a lot of exciting and fun things done for this business despite both Michael and I being sick at different points. I'm mixing up some exciting projects and loving the small and large collaborations I've been working on! Anyways, on to the goals for this month!

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September Goals Recap

Replenish/Reorganize my day of emergency kit after my August weddings. Done!

Take a handful of afternoons with Michael to refresh some of the spaces in our apartment that are just "not quite right." We had a lot of fun working on some home projects together. I spray painted my favorite lamp a new color so that it no longer matches the wall (yay for being able to see it!) and we worked on a fun painting project that now hangs over our bed.

Work on getting my business card designs finalized + ordering them. There are just so many options out there! Thick paper, shiny paper, gold foil, painted edges, etc. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I've started second guessing. I'm going to keep researching until I figure out what I absolutely adore.

Thoughtfully contact a few creatives that I have been wanting to collaborate with or get to know a little better. I made some fun connections this past month. You've been able to see a couple of them talk on the blog here and here and there are a few more coming in the next couple months. :)

Part two of the previous goal, contact some more vendors that I love working with about featuring them on the blog. I have a couple of these lined up and then have a few more that I need to contact.

Maintain the inbox 0 that I have started this month off with (except weekends.) I've sorta managed this. My computer went out of commission during the last couple weeks, so I got behind.

Send out some snail mail to some clients and friends just to brighten their days. Yes! I love writing snail mail and have been enjoying making my envelopes extra pretty. I'm hoping to continue this one. :)

Soak up the last of this warm weather before Fall arrives. I love the Fall colors, but I'm a warm weather baby. September's weather was lovely. I've been enjoying long walks without my ears freezing, but I am also loving seeing the leavees begin to change now.

Put the final touches on some DIY project tutorials that I've been making to share with all of you. I think you'll really like them! I still have a couple that I'm working on, but for the most part this goal is considered done!

Pick up some books that I've been wanting to read from the library to relax and unwind with. I am crossing this one off, but it's only half finished. I picked the books up on September 30th...hopefully October is a better reading month!

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October Goals
I'm sharing my goals a little differently this month and just sharing a couple big things I've been thinking about and am excited about for the month.

Start my own "100 Rejection Letters" project. Tiffany Han is running her own community for the 100 Rejection Letters project she's started, but I won't be joining that. I just want to start my own personal 100 Rejection Letters goal. The point of the goal is to be reaching out to other people (vendors, companies, potential clients, etc.) to form relationships and start collaborations. To take the fear of rejection out of the equation by putting a positive spin on it. What do you think? Would you participate in a personal challenge like this?

This weekend my friend Jen is coming into town for a visit and we will be doing all kinds of wedding planning fun! She's getting married in Chicago in March and I'm both helping her plan + standing up with her as her MOH on the big day. I'm so excited to do some planning and wedding crafting in person!

Host my first giveaway! You can check it out and enter until the end of this week!

Decide what Michael + I are doing for Christmas cards this year. Last year I waited until too late and they just didn't happen. This year I'm starting early!

Continue with my other repeat goals of connecting with friends, reading good books, being an amazing help for my clients, and spending quality time with Michael.

What about you? What exciting things do you have coming up this month?

xoxo, Stacia