My Week in Review


How was your weekend, lovelies? Michael + I took a long weekend and escaped to Nashville to spend some time with friends we have there. It was nice to get a couple days away and just relax. We definitely needed it!

1. One day last week I switched things up and worked at a local coffee shop for a few hours. I sometimes forget how nice it can be to work from a new place, even if I am sending & and responding to emails, working on projects, and blogging just like a normal day at home. I should do this more often. Plus, getting a lovely, rich cup of hot chocolate is always a plus. Where do you like to work from?

2. I'm still enjoying participating in the #sundaypostchallenge! I love surprising the people in my life with little notes of encouragement and then checking out the Instagram hashtag to see the pretty stationary other people are using. :)

3. Road trips with Michael are a favorite of mine. I love driving through beautiful scenery, and the time we get together in the car to discuss things we may not think to give time to during our days. It's also an amazing time to plan for the future together. 

4. This weekend we played the Firefly board game with Michael's cousins. It's a great four-player board game if you all like games and are willing to sit for a couple hours. We also played a fun game called Seven Wonders. It's more fast paced and fun for a small group. What are some of your favorite board games?

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What were some highlights of your week?

xoxo, Stacia

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