My Week in Review


How was your week, lovelies? Mine was a mix of chaotic, exciting, and exhausting with a few quiet moments thrown in. My workload was crazy, but a lot of things came across my desk that have me super excited!  

1. My friend Kate and I are reading through Bread & Wine together. It's wonderful! (This book has me smiling, pondering, and tearing up.) This week we got together and cooked a couple of the recipes together. Taking time to coon together and talk deeply about our lives did wonders for my soul in the midst of everything else I've had going on. Do you have a friend you enjoy cooking with?

2. Yesterday was the start of my month-long #shakeitupdaily photo challenge. So far I've shared a cozy moment from my day yesterday. I would love it if you'd join me! 

3. Another challenge I'm taking part in is the #sundaypostchallenge. I love writing letters to people in my life, and doing that with a community makes it even more special. I love knowing that snail mail isn't dead!

4. I love seeing how different companies brand their products. The cherry tomatoes I was snacking on this past week had a snarky sense of humor! 

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Stuff I'm Loving:
This cake looks divine!
I adore this bag (and everything else she's wearing!)
These boots look so cozy.
I love all of these shirts! I just ordered one and can't wait to wear it everywhere possible.

What are some highlights from your past week? 

xoxo, Stacia

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