My Week in Review


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1.  This weekend held some absolutely beautiful weather! Even the days when it rained held some amazing deep greens at the end of them, which is one of my favorite things about rain.

2. I've been challenging myself to overcome my dislike for bell peppers. It's been a slow process. Cooking them in with other foods I love. Keeping the pieces small and unnoticeable at first and now I'll eat them in a number of things in bigger pieces. I don't love them raw yet, but it's been fun to see that I can train my palette!

3. ABM's Happy Mail subscription is one of my favorite parts of the month! I love receiving new, unique stationary to send to all my friends! :)

4. There is a local shaved ice place that Michael and I love. We don't go often, but it's a fun splurge on a hot day. We're enjoying it while we're still local. :)

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My Week in Review

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What have you been up to this past week? Anything exciting in the week coming up? I'll be doing a lot of packing in the evenings trying to get ready to move!

xoxo, Stacia