My Week in Review

My Week in Review - Paper Swallow Events

1. Graduation was this past weekend! Both Michael and his sister graduated on Saturday. It was a great day full of celebrating both graduates and laughter with close friends and family. I'm really proud of this man for everything he's accomplished, and I'm so excited to see what life looks like for us now that we're done with school.

2. Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite treats. I coordinated two different local recital receptions this past week and loved arranging all of the desserts. 

3. Succulents are the most adorable things ever! Michael bought me the most perfect little friend for our birthiversary (my birthday, our anniversary). I have a really bad track record with plants, so I have all the #plantmom nerves. Here's hoping I can keep this one alive!

4. Beautiful Tennessee skies. The weather has been glorious this past week and I've enjoyed soaking up the beauty.

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My Week in Review

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What have you been up to recently?

xoxo, Stacia