My Week in Review


I believe I've mentioned in the past how I want to be able to connect personally and professionally with all of you on this blog. I believe there is a balance to sharing helpful, wedding-related information with posts that allow you to get a peek at who I am outside of this company. It's a balance I'm honestly struggling to find, and I'm sure this year will bring plenty of experiments as I journey towards that balance. I love reading Oak & Oats' Week's End posts where she shares a couple brief snippets of her life over the past week, so for now I want to try something like that out every Monday and see how it works for all of us. Sound good?

1. Last week Michael's childhood best bud came to visit us. Cason + Michael have known each other for more than half their lives, and it's amazing how close they've managed to stay. While he visited, we played a rousing game of Quelf with Michael's siblings. Have you ever played?? With the right group it can be quite hilarious!

2. Our friend Cody is quite a talented musician. He plays at The Social in Chattanooga every first Thursday of the month from 8-10pm (this week was a little different.) We had a great time going to hear him this past week, and I enjoyed the chance to chat with his awesome wife, Kate (who is one of my besties.) 

3. You know you've been accepted into a friend's home when their cat volunteers to snuggle with you all night when you crash at their place. Milo is such a little sweetie! 

4. I've been enjoying finding a couple quiet moments this past week to write brief, thoughtful notes to some friends. Snail mail is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to brighten someone's day, in my opinion.  

What have you been up to this past week? 

xoxo, Stacia