My Go-To Updo (That Only Takes 5 Minutes)

5 Minute Updo Tutorial - Paper Swallow Events

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Today I thought it would be super fun to share my go-to 5 minute updo! When I have a busy day running around or working on projects, the last thing I want is my hair getting in my way. Unfortunately, those also always happen to be the days that I don't want to spend a ton of time fussing with my hair. I like this updo because it looks more put together and less lazy than a ponytail but only takes a couple more minutes. This hairstyle has stood the test of many different crazy days and my friends never believe me that it's as easy as I say it is. I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any questions that I don't address in this post. I'm here to help!

xoxo, Stacia

1. Start by taking a small section of hair on the side of your head. Twist this section and pin it with a bobby pin in the center back of your head. (Pictured below.)

Pro Tip: I find that my bobby pins do their job best when I place the bumpy side closest to my head. I know some people who didn't realize this was a thing, so I'm just sharing that with you in case. :) 

2. Do the same thing as step 1 on the opposite side of your head. Pin in the back where the two twists meet.

3. Grab a section of your hair from the center. Be sure that you gather the hairs that you've already pinned in the back. This will help ensure that your twists stay where you've pinned them and don't get messed up.

4. Twist this middle section together.

5. Take your twist and spin it into a bun on the back of your head.

6. Pin in place. (I use 3 pins to start with and then add more once the hairstyle is complete if I feel that they are needed.)

7. Take half of your remaining hair and twist it. Spin it into a bun and pin in place just like the first bun.

8. Take the last section of hair, twist it, spin into a bun and pin in place.

9. Add any pins to areas that feel loose or do not look exactly how you want.

10. Lightly spray with your favorite hairspray and you're ready to go! I don't generally fuss over making this hairstyle completely perfect because it's supposed to be quick and easy. You can, of course, refine it a little more if that suits your needs.

I would love to see if you all give this hairstyle a try! Feel free to let me know here, drop me an email, or share on social media using #psetutorials!

P.S. Yes! This is a new hair color. haha. You're not going crazy. I felt like changing things up. 

P.P.S. You can see this hairstyle in action in this post