Monthly Goals: September 2015

Monthly Goals: September 2015 - Paper Swallow Events @PaperSwallowEve

September is here! August involved traveling back to Tennessee for a wedding, having Michael's sisters visit for one of their birthdays, continuing to get to know our city, client meetings, and gearing up for a few big things coming up this fall. I also got sick for a while in there, but am glad to be better and caught up. It was a really great month overall. September is a little slower, but October is looking insane and exciting, so I'm looking forward to taking some time to ease through this next month and prepare for October.

In case you're new, monthly goals is where I share a personal peek behind the scenes and share some of my business and life goals for the upcoming months. Come look behind the curtain!

Last Month's Goals

  • Keep investing in community and start making friends. I keep reminding myself that deep friendships take time, but we are making progress in this area. :)
  • Consistently attend the swing dancing gathering we discovered. We were out of town and sick for a lot of August (first me, then him, yay marriage and sharing! haha) and didn't have a chance to go back. We still plan on going back, but it was just something that didn't happen in August.
  • Start brainstorming ideas for the Big Fake Wedding in October. I am SO excited about this event!!
  • Finish my office space! Because I got sick it's not quite complete. It's coming together, though!
  • Start Periscoping. I Persicoped twice in August which was a good start!
  • Cut out all sugar (except fruit and honey) from our diet Monday-Friday unless it's a special occasion (a birthday party, holiday party, etc.) We were really successful on this one! I'm super proud of us!
  • Keep getting up at 5:45 with Michael to go jogging before he goes to work. I'm calling this one a success because I got up with him every morning except for the mornings when I was sick and slept in so that my body could recover faster.

This Month's Goals

  • Start pulling details together for the Big Fake Wedding.
  • Periscope more. I've been brainstorming unique and fun things that I can do on that platform. What would you all like to see? Would you be more interested in personal scopes, behind the scenes scopes or scopes where I go deeper into the blog post topics of that week? Let me know! You can download the app and find me @PaperSwallowEvents!
  • Take the results from my reader survey and create even more valuable content for all of you! If you haven't taken a few minutes to fill it out yet, please do!
  • Finish Pinfinite Growth. I'm about halfway through this class and have been learning so much so far! Melyssa lays things out in a really helpful, logical, and approachable way!
  • Plan out the rest of my 2015. The -ber months that come at the end of the year are my favorites. I want to go ahead and finalize business goals so I know what I'm shooting for during this time, but also block out times to really enjoy my favorite holidays.
  • Keep working on finding our community/people in Charleston.

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What are your goals for this September?

xoxo, Stacia