Monthly Goals: October 2015

Monthly Goals October 2015

Happy October, friends! October is the start of my very favorite time of the year (everything from October and its pretty Fall vibes all the way through New Year's Eve.) October is also going to be the busiest month of my year (which is an accomplishment considering that I moved to a new state just a few months ago.) I'm SO excited for all the things happening this month, though! They're things I've been waiting for and anticipating for months, so I know it's going to be great!

Full disclosure, September was a weird month and I didn't get most of my goals accomplished. Michael and I were talking on Monday about what a weird month September had been for us, though neither of us could completely nail down why it was so weird. A lot of good things happened in September, but none of them were exactly what we had planned. Oh well! I'm trying not to sweat it because the most important stuff got done, and it's not worth stressing over the things that fell by the wayside. People and clients were taken care of and that's all I can ask for some days.

Last Month's Goals

  • Start pulling details together for the Big Fake Wedding. Yes! So excited for this event!
  • Periscope more. This one didn't happen. I would always think about it at odd times.
  • Take the results from my reader survey and create even more valuable content for all of you! Thank you so much to those of you who filled it out! One thing I noticed was a trend asking for more personal content. I'm trying to decide how to approach that. For now, you can find most of my personal content on either my @paperswallowevents Instagram or my even more personal @prettypoppypeony Instagram, so I'd hop over there and follow me!
  • Finish Pinfinite Growth. I really love this class, but in order to experience the results I have to put in a decent amount of time - time I didn't have this past month like I thought I would.
  • Plan out the rest of my 2015. I'm giving this one a half cross off because I thought about some of it, and Michael and I talked about it a lot, but I never actually put anything into my calendar. Time to make that happen!
  • Keep working on finding our community/people in Charleston. We've found a weekly community group to join and I've been trying to make coffee dates and other mini get togethers with some of the women I'm getting to know in the area. New friends take time, but we're beginning to find our people! :)

This Month's Goals

  • Put on a great Big Fake Wedding with the other Charleston vendors!
  • Travel to Birmingham. One of my current brides is located in Birmingham and I can't wait to travel there and coordinate this event we've been planning for months.
  • Side note to the bullet above, but enjoy road tripping with Michael. I'm thankful that he's going to be able to come with me and split up the driving to Birmingham.
  • Dip my toes into Pinfinite Growth. haha. This month is going to be a busy one, so I'm not going to declare that I'll finish the course, but I do plan to work on making tiny bits of progress.
  • Put dates on the calendar for the rest of 2015. Time to put pen to paper! Also time to research and schedule flights to visit my family in California.
  • Celebrate Halloween! My friend, Amy, is throwing a Frightful Fiction Halloween party that I'm pretty excited about. I need to finalize Michael's and my costumes.
  • Start thinking about our Christmas cards for this year. What can I say? I'm a planner and I like to do things in advance.
  • Keep investing in our Thursday night community. Michael and I are really enjoying this small group of people we've discovered!
  • Get plugged in with the local Rising Tide community. I can't wait to meet more creatives!
  • Stay on top of all the other items that come with running this business - emails, client projects, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

What do you have going on this month?

xoxo, Stacia

P.S. I'm currently finalizing my blog content plans for the next 3 months. If you have any wedding planning questions or things you would like me to talk about, put them in the comments or shoot me an email at! :)