Monthly Goals: May 2015


Hello lovelies!  

How was your April? Ours was jam packed with events. Outside of meetings with my brides and other projects pertaining to PSE, Michael finished up college and we did a lot of planning and dreaming about the future. There are a lot of projects in the works behind the scenes right now and I can't wait to share it all with you as each reveal approaches!  

Anyways! Let's check in with how I did last month! 

  • Take one full day a week off. I actually did pretty good at this! It is hard for me to take 100% of a day off - I did my share of quick email answering and phone call making - but I made a lot of progress in this area! It's made me so much more focused and energetic on my actual "work" days, though!
  • Orchestrate the styled shoot that Jenna and I have been planning. It's going to be so lovely! We just got the photos from this shoot a couple days ago and I'll be sharing a full recap of all the photos on the blog next week. They're so lovely! I can't wait to share!
  • Enjoy my family's visit next week. They haven't been out to Tennessee since Michael and I got married almost two years ago (!!) and I'm really excited to show them our apartment and hang out for the first time since July! We had the best time while they were here! We explored Chattanooga, ate delicious food, and just spent good quality time together.
  • Prep for all my May events. Make sure my wedding day emergency kit is restocked and ready to go! YES! I'm so ready and excited!
  • Continue writing one letter to a friend a week. I loved getting into the habit with the #sundaypostchallenge, and I really want to continue it! I sent off so much mail this past month because of Michael's graduation. I love thoughtful notes and letters.

Now for a peek into what May is going to hold! 

  • Celebrate our anniversary! On May 5th Michael and I will have been married for 2 years. Man time has flown! (Random Fun Fact: We actually got married on my birthday, so we're carrying on the tradition of a "birthiversary." My grandpa married my grandma on his birthday and Michael's parents share a birthday AND got married that day!)
  • Coordinate some beautiful events!
  • Announce at least 2 of the projects I've been working on behind the scenes. I'm really excited about them! I know I've been talking about my secret projects for what feels like forever, but midway through working on them I realized I was planning to launch them all in the wrong order. That made for some serious backtracking in order to come up with a more logical order of events. I think we're almost there! :)
  • Celebrate ALL the graduations! There are 3 in Michael's family alone, so whenever I'm not doing a wedding or working, you can probably find me celebrating one of those.
  • Continue diving into the Badass Babes class. I was so honored to win the scholarship to XO Sarah's blogging class and I have loved diving in to the content the past couple weeks. I'm looking forward to May's lessons!!
  • Continue taking a full day off each month.
  • Write a letter a week.
  • Share the photos from last month's styled shoot! Ah! They're so gorgeous, you guys!

What are some of your plans for this next month?  

xoxo, Stacia

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