Monthly Goals: March 2015

Monthly Goals: March 2015 - Paper Swallow Events

Hello lovelies! How was your February? Mine was full of client work, passion projects, and some really wonderful time with friends. All of these things together really helped the month fly by faster than anticipated. I feel a little like I blinked and an entire month disappeared. As I look over February's goals I'm proud of myself for what I did get accomplished, amazed at how much can change in a short 28 days, and giving myself grace for the things that didn't get done. 

Anyways! Let's jump to reviewing last month's goals!

Monthly Goals: March 2015 - Paper Swallow Events
  • Explore Buffer. This didn't happen, and that's okay. Client work and other tasks needed to come first.
  • Find a new pair of shoes, finish altering my dress, and make a bunch of pretty signs for Jen's wedding next month! Yes! There are still a few finishing touches, but it's all in a good place.
  • Read 4 books. I shared last week the one book that I read in February. I did start several that I intend to finish.
  • Write a letter. I wrote several!
  • Meet a couple blogging friends in person! I did get to meet one and it was absolutely lovely! I'm hoping we can meet up again soon. My other blogging friend needed to reschedule, so we have plans for March.
  • Complete my photo a day challenge for this month. Yes! It was challenging and fun! Check out this post for the recap!
  • Continue working on secret project #1! Secret project one has morphed a bit. I'm hoping to share the details towards the end of this month. :)
  • Travel to Nashville for a weekend visit with Michael's cousins. This weekend was so relaxing!
  • Work on Blog Life. I did look in to getting it printed (I want a hard copy so I can highlight and scribble notes in the margins). But I didn't actually dive in.
  • See Michael's sister in her senior production. We are so proud of Jessica!
  • Go see our friend Cody Harris play in Chattanooga. Enjoyable as always!
Monthly Goals: March 2015 - Paper Swallow Events

I'm keeping it simple this month. I'll be out of town for several days for a wedding, and I'm traveling to meet with one of my non-local brides, so outside of client work, organizing a big collaboration for April, and other back end business projects I'm not going to have time for a whole lot.

  • Travel to Chicago to be maid of honor in Jen's wedding! AHHHHH!
  • Take one full day off a week. I was terrible at this in February except for our weekend in Nashville, and I can feel it. I need a day where I pull back and intentionally rest which is hard when a lot of exciting things are happening with my business.
  • Finish working on secret project #1. As I mentioned above, I hope to share this at the end of March or beginning of April.
  • Read 4 books. Any recommendations?
  • Continue participating in the #SundayPostChallenge. You should jump in and join us!
  • Meetup with Jenna from the blog Dearest Love to talk about a super exciting collaboration we have upcoming in April!
  • Celebrate Michael's birthday!

What are some of your goals for the month?

xoxo, Stacia