Monthly Goals: July 2015

Monthly Goals: July 2015 - Paper Swallow Events

We made it to July, you guys! June was an INSANE month between work and packing. It felt like it was dragging on forever, and yet it feels like it passed in no time at all. But we did it! We're relocated to Charleston and we survived! haha I'll share more here and there as we get settled. The best place to keep up with all of the behind the scenes adventures is on Instagram (@paperswallowevents)!

How Did I Do on Last Month's Goals?

  • Pack and prepare for our big move to Charleston! YES! All of our belongings are now in our new home in Charleston. It's such a surreal feeling to finally have made this transition!
  • Spend time with our local friends + family who we won't be able to see as often once we move. We have created so many memories this past month. It's been chaotic and a whirlwind, but completely wonderful. I'm so thankful for the people we hold dear in Tennessee and I can't wait for them to come visit us in Charleston and for us to go back and visit them in Tennessee.
  • Launch one more of my secret projects. I completely failed in regards to this one. I prioritized my clients, the projects I already have going on, and time with friends and family. I think it was worth it. This project will have more time to grow now that we're moved.
  • Finish the last two weeks of the Badass Babes class strong! This class was great! It motivated me to complete a lot of things I'd been dragging my feet on, and provided a lot of tools and encouragement regarding any questions I encountered along the way.

Now for This Month's Goals!

  • Unpack and settle in to our brand new apartment in CHARLESTON! Unpacking is SO much more fun thank packing.
  • Explore our new city. I can't wait to get a library card, find a new walking track, spend some serious time at the beach, and just generally get to know our new city as a local versus a visitor. I'm so excited!
  • Create my own office space! Our new apartment has two bedrooms so we're converting one of them in to an office/guest bedroom. At our old apartment, I did most of my work at the dining room table. I can't wait to create a work sanctuary and not have my client projects invading our romantic dinners. haha.
  • Keep developing my next secret project. I'm not going to promise a launch, but that's the goal behind this goal. ;)
  • Enjoy time with Michael's family over the 4th of July. We are going to Michael's grandparents' for the 4th of July. We're looking forward to actually having time to spend with his family for once instead of the 24 hour whirlwind Thanksgivings we've had the past couple years.
  • Dive right back in to Paper Swallow! I came up with so many ideas for projects and blog posts and collaborations during the month of June that I had to put on a list for after the move so that I didn't run myself into the ground. I'm so excited to have time to dive in to those projects now!

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What are some of your goals for July? Any fun plans for the 4th?

xoxo, Stacia