Monthly Goals: December 2014

Monthly Goals: December - Paper Swallow Events

Last Month's Goals

Celebrate PSE's birthday! I hosted a giveaway (winner will be contacted/announced soon!) I am still so incredibly thankful for this past year, and have been enjoying scheming some things for this next year so it can be even better!

Launch a new page on my website. I've been working on this, but it's not done yet. I've decided not to launch something that I don't feel like is a full representation of my brand, so this is one of my few business goals for December.

Revamp my 'Investment' page. See goal above.

Book some seriously awesome 2015 clients! I am so excited about how 2015 is already shaping up and can't wait to speak with each bride who comes my way. Want to work with me? Send me an email at! I can't wait to hear from you!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Michael's extended family. I'll be sharing more about that this week or next. :)

Attend The Sewing Party. Yes! And it was so much fun!

Make sure I have all the addresses I need for Christmas cards. There are a couple people I'm waiting to hear back from them, but this one is mostly taken care of.

Be done with Christmas shopping/crafting. I'm getting there. We have 1/2 of our gifts purchased and only the people who haven't gotten us thier lists are left. I feel good about where we're at, though, and I think I have some pretty good ideas. Who is the most difficult person on your list?

Go on the Chattanooga Ghost Tour with some friends. I'm crossing this one off until April. The night we had chosen to go was the same night that Tennessee decided to be the polar arctic. Needless to say, none of us wanted to walk around in the cold and freeze. We decided to go see Big Hero 6 and snuggle with our friends' cats while having really great conversations until 1 A.M. instead. I think the tradeoff was a good one.

Plan out all the business and fun travel happening between January-March of next year. I am still working with some friends about what we want to do for hotel accomodations, but we have dates for our stays and are getting really excited!

Monthly Goals: December - Paper Swallow Events

December's Goals
I am limiting my December Business Goals to only the two that I didn't complete last month. I will be working on other projects behind the scenes, and of course checking my email and responding to phone calls. However, I plan on taking more time off than normal to spend with Michael and just enjoy the month of December. Christmas is my favorite, so I really want to be sure to enjoy this time of year. :)

Revamp my Investment page.

Launch a new page.

Address all of my Christmas cards with the pretty calligraphy I've been working on. I'll share photo peeks of the cards and calligraphy once the card recipeints have received them.

Get + Decorate a Christmas tree with Michael's family.

Set my goals for 2015 - both personal and business.

Determine what adventures Michael + I want to partake in during 2015. Also determine what new skills I want to learn. This past year it was calligraphy.

Find someone to alter my dress and order my shoes for my bestie's wedding.

Drink lots of eggnog hot chocolate. My favorite!

Watch our favorite Christmas movies. Bachelor Mother and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year are my guilty pleasures. What are yours?

Spend quality time with Michael, our families, and our friends.

Finish up our Christmas gift shopping.

See The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with Michael at midnight (it's one of our crazy annual traditions.)

Make gluten free lasagna. Michael + I were astonished when we discovered that both of our families do lasagna for Christmas. It's one of the few traditions we have in common, so I've been perfecting my gluten free lasagna so the tradition can live on. :)

What are your goals for December? Any favorite Christmas movies I should check out?

xoxo, Stacia