Monthly Goals: July 2014

One of my personality traits is that I tend to be a huge goal setter. I love lists and checking things off of them, and I am always looking for what I could be doing next. It keeps me pretty busy (admittedly, sometimes a little too busy.) Part of the fun of having goals, though, is having people to share them with. I thought it would be fun to share some of my more "exciting" monthly goals here so that people can get a little glimpse into what I'm doing behind the scenes. I'd really love to know some of your goals for July, too!

Goals for July

Make sure I have all of my timelines, paperwork, and final meetings either set up or checked off for all of my August brides. Make sure that my day-of kit is packed and replenished from previous events and that I am 100% ready to hit the ground in August.

Continue developing my calligraphy skills.

Complete my site refresh. This place just needs a little sprucing up and polishing here and there so that it's even easier to navigate and understand what it is and what I'm about. 

Take a week off and go visit my grandparents in Oklahoma. My immediate family will be meeting us there, and most of my extended family lives within a close range. Michael has met some, but not all, of them, so this will be a whirlwind exciting trip. (If you want to get first-hand peeks at what we're doing, feel free to follow me on Instagram! @paperswallowevents)

Enjoy the two-way 12-hour road trip that visiting Oklahoma will take Michael + me on. I'm actually really looking forward to being on the road together. Long car rides are one of our favorite things to do together!

Try and new recipe or two; I've been in a cooking rut. Any suggestions?? (Extra points if it's already gluten free!)

Continue developing and shaping some pretty big projects I have in mind for this fall. (Sorry, that's all I can say for now. ;)

Reach out to people more. Do the scary thing and put myself and this business out there. Also reach out and schedule fun things with friends. 

Unplug more, continue to remember to hydrate + stretch frequently.

Read #Girlboss.

Now it's your turn! What are some of your goals?

xoxo, Stacia