Mischief Managed

Do you have any mischief up your sleeve this Christmas season? Christmas always makes me feel a little mischievous because of all the secrets (the nice kind!) floating around. It's also a month that feels magical to me (like I mentioned in my goals post.) Naturally, that makes this mischief managed sweater from Jordandene the perfect thing to be wearing this holiday season!

I've talked a little bit before about my love of both Harry Potter and Jordandene, but I couldn't resist another chance to talk about it! Jordandene's shirts are so soft and cozy. They're warm enough to wear on a day with a slight nip in the air, but lightweight enough to layer on colder days, which makes them perfect for me because I get cold really easily so being able to layer on a whim is important. And, if Harry Potter isn't your jam like it is mine, they have plenty of other movies and shows for you to choose from!

As for stirring up mischief, I love finding ways to surprise the people that I care about. A just because card, a small gift, making Michael's favorite meal because he's had a long day at work. Whatever it might be to brighten another person's day, this is the type of mischief that I can get behind and the kind I particularly like to get involved in during the Christmas season. So don't mind me as I go stir up a little bit of mischief and then walk around in my Jordandene shirt proclaiming that bit of mischief perfectly managed. ;)

You can find out more about Jordandene and their geek chic clothing over on their website, on Instagram, or on Facebook. Currently they are also offering 20% off of all items except their gift sets just for you if you use the code PAPERSWALLOW2015. Don't miss out! Go stir up some mischief for a nerd in your life!

What kind of mischief do you have planned this Christmas season?

xoxo, Stacia

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