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What I Read in February - Paper Swallow Events

Today I'm back with ALL the books I read in February...or the one book that I read in February... haha. February flew by with tons of exciting client work, passion projects, and learning how to actually take a full day off each week (or try...) In the midst of all this I started several great books...and finished none of them.

Except this one!

I read through this book in a coffee shop one afternoon over a divine cup of hot chocolate. It may be a cookbook, but this book was humorous and felt homey because it's about one of my favorite types of people in the whole world - Grandmas! (Incidentally, that day the coffee shop was full of grandmas having coffee with people they love, which was an adorable addition to my reading time! But I digress) 

In Her Kitchen by Gabriele Galimberti was the epitome of charming! I loved seeing the photographs of the grandmothers in their kitchens, their completed dishes, and then getting to both read their recipes and a bit about them. Each grandmother shared a bit about where they had learned to cook and why they had chosen to share a particular dish with the book's author. The things they said were so down-to-earth and honest; it was obvious that none of them were trying to be pretentious. I loved the age range, and the fact that I got to connect a recipe with a particular face and heritage. It made the recipes feel so much more personal.

Within the inside cover is a world map with location markers and page numbers, so if you're wanting to cook a recipe from a particular country there is a quick and easy reference. A few more pages in, you'll find a list of the grandmother's names, their countries, and the dish they cooked. Either method is effective for finding what you're looking for, and this book would be perfect for dinner parties themed around a particular country. I haven't tried to make any of the recipes yet, but I really want to try the recipe for Cholent. It sounds wonderful!

Do you have any cookbooks that you enjoy reading as more than just a cookbook?

xoxo, Stacia

This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own, as always.