Bridesmaids, How to Support Your Bride BFF

Being a bridesmaid is such a huge honor and privilege! You've been chosen to stand beside the bride on one of the biggest days of her life and support her through the process.

But what do you do if you've never been a bride and have no previous experience from which to gauge the type of support she needs? 

It can be challenging to determine exactly how to support your bride BFF, but it's not impossible! Today I have gathered up a few bloggers whom I love and asked them to share how their bridesmaids best supported them on their wedding days. I'm really grateful to all of them of being willing to share their experiences and hope that their words help and encourage any bridesmaids out there who are feeling a bit lost!  

How to Support Your Bride BFF

Brigette's Blog + Instagram

How to Support Your Bride BFF

Caroline's Blog + Instagram

How to Support Your Bride BFF

Jenna's Blog Instagram

How to Support Your Bride BFF

Elizabeth's Blog + Twitter

How to Support Your Bride BFF

Samantha's Blog + Instagram

Thank you, ladies, all so much for sharing your experiences! Be sure to stop by their blogs and see the other wonderful things that they share!

If you've been a bride I'd love to know how your bridesmaids supported you on your wedding day! Tell me in the comments! 

Bridesmaids, are there any bridesmaid-related questions you would love to see addressed?  Let me know!

xoxo, Stacia