How to Involve Your Family When Planning a Wedding from a Distance

How to Involve Your Family When Planning a Wedding from a Distance - Paper Swallow Events #wedding #weddingplanning

Planning a wedding is one of those events that makes you want all the people you hold nearest and dearest to be involved. Girls often grow up imagining outings with their mother or grandmother to search for their dream dress. They have multiple secret Pinterest boards filled with ideas for different types of weddings and are just waiting for the ring to narrow down things down. (Or they have one secret Pinterest board full of every wedding idea they have ever liked and are waiting to narrow down the overwhelming options.)

Or, okay, maybe your family is big and overwhelming and wedding planning makes you want to run into a hole and hide (which is a great reason to hire a planner!). That happens, too. But for those of you trying to figure out how to involve your family - particularly if your family lives far away - here are some great solutions!

Make a Shared Pinterest Board

Pinterest is popular for a reason. It's so easy to share images and ideas back and forth with people, which bridges the distance gap so quickly! Take that overwhelming Pinterest board and only pin the pins that truly represent what you want for the day over to a new board. Then your family will know the direction you want to go, and you'll have common ground to work from. 

Honestly, I love using Pinterest even with my local brides. Visuals are powerful and get us on the same page faster than a long winded description!

Try to be Together for the Big Moments

I know from personal experience what it's like to plan a wedding in another state from your family. Personally, there were no two people I wanted to go wedding dress shopping with more than my mother and sister. Because of the timing of my engagement, we combined dress shopping with my visit home for Christmas. However, I believe we would have made that a priority even if I hadn't gotten engaged close to the holidays. (And then you get to conquer the fun adventure of traveling with your dress.)

What if you can't be in the same location?

I understand that for some brides it's not an option financially to travel and be together for these milestones. Or your best gal pal might not be able to make the trip with you, even though you wanted her there, too. 

In this case see what your options are for Skyping or Facetiming the loved one while you try on dresses. Always ask, because some dress shops don't want you taking photographs of the dresses, but assign someone the task of documenting the experience so that the absent people can still feel as if they were there. 

Split Tasks Up by Location

Are you getting married closer to where you live or traveling home to get married? If you're traveling home, have items that you've ordered shipped to your parents' house so you don't need to worry about transporting them. Or, if you fall in love with a collection of vases at Target, send your mom to go get them locally instead of dealing with shipping them. 

Likewise, if you're getting married locally and your mom is traveling to you, assign her some jobs that can be done at a distance. She may love addressing and mailing all the invites so have them delivered to her. Or have her call around and get quotes from salons in your area. Anything that can be done over the phone, online, or will travel easily is a great task for her!

Skype to Share Little Details

Skype your family when you've made big decisions, bought something you're excited about, or want to chat about the progress of the event. Skype will make you all feel closer than a phone call and it offers you the ability to use visuals. 

Group Text Message Streams

Start a text message stream with your family where you all share pictures and progress updates and just stay in touch regarding details. Include your dad and brothers, too! It can be fun to see the sense of humor they bring into the process or the brilliant ideas they may surprise you with!

Have you planned a wedding at a distance from your family? How did you keep them involved?

xoxo, Stacia