How to Choose Your Wedding Colors Pt. 2

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors Pt. 2 - Paper Swallow Events

Welcome to part two of my tips for choosing your wedding colors! In case you missed it, you should start by checking out part one here!

Consider Your Venue

What kind of venue will be hosting your event? If it's in a church, is the carpet a color that would look absolutely hideous if you used the color yellow? Or is the venue fairly neutral and a canvas that can easily handle almost any color? If you've chosen your venue before choosing your colors, you should definitely consider how they will work together. The same goes for the other way around. If you've purchased your bridesmaids dresses and are set on a certain color path, you should definitely consider that as you shop for your venue. 

Go to the Hardware Store and Play with Paint Chips

Are you unsure how different colors might look together? Head straight to your local hardware store and pick out some paint chips that interest you. Take them home, sit down and spread them out, mixing and matching until you find a combo that you love!

Search the Always Faithful Pinterest

Pinterest is loaded with color palettes just waiting to be used for inspiration! The great thing about these ready-made palettes is you can see different colors right next to each other to see how they compliment each other easily and without much hassle. There are also websites like this one where you can upload a photo that inspires you and it will pull a color palette out for you - just in case you were wondering what particular color combination made that photo speak to you!

Remember: Odd is More Appealing Than Even.

Bonus Tip! Once you've chosen colors, see if you can find paint chips that match (which is easy if you've already gone the paint chip route!) and give them to people who will be heavily involved in your planning process. It's a great, easy way to ensure that everyone is on the same page!

Are there any tips and tricks that I missed? Is there anything I can clarify?

xoxo, Stacia

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Photo by Morgan Trinker Photography.