How to Choose Your Wedding Colors Pt. 1

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors Pt. 1 - Paper Swallow Events

Choosing your wedding colors is a big decision (one of the many that you will make as a bride) and it can easily be overwhelming to determine how to approach this decision. To help out, I wanted to share a little two part series with my favorite tips and tricks for making this decision easier. Hopefully one of these suggested routes appeals to you!

Find Your Bridesmaids' Dresses

Are you wanting your bridesmaids to wear matching dresses? If so, you may want to take a look at what is currently available before setting your heart on a specific color. Finding bridesmaids dresses that meet both the feel/theme of your wedding and are in your desired color can be a stressful process depending on what's trending at the moment. You can potentially save yourself a lot of stress and end up with bridesmaids dresses that you both love and that fit perfectly in with your wedding colors if you pick out the dresses first.

Keep the Seasons in Mind

What season will your wedding be taking place in? Just like the colors we wear tend to transition with the seasons, so do the colors that are generally used for weddings. Fall weddings tend to have richer colors, while spring weddings lean towards pastels. This doesn't mean you have to listen to these color "rules", but they can be helpful to keep in mind!

Choose Your Flowers

Do you have your heart set on using a particular type of flower for your wedding arrangements? Check to see if it's in season during your wedding month and see what color varieties it has! 

Find a Piece of Key Decor

Is there a piece of decor that you have your heart set on using? Maybe you have always envisioned using blue mason jars in your centerpieces or a colorful cake topper from your grandmother's wedding. If these are elements that you have your heart set on, you should work your color palette around them. Don't choose your colors and then hope that they fit in.

Is choosing your wedding colors stressful for you? Be sure to come back tomorrow for part two of these tips!

xoxo, Stacia

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