How Taylor Swift Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Are you struggling with planning your wedding? Are you drowning in the opinions of other people and feeling like you're losing your own vision for the day? Click through to see how Taylor Swift can help you plan your wedding! @paperswalloweve

If you and I have anything in common, it may be that we both think that Taylor Swift is awesome. If you're not a fan (you should be!), you've probably still heard her songs on the radio enough times that you can sing along in your sleep. One of my favorites (and a song I put on whenever I'm having a tough day) is Shake It Off. I've been thinking about this song and how it can apply practically a good amount recently. I've come to some conclusions and, even though I'm talking directly to brides here, I think all of us can find ways to apply my thoughts. 

Ready to know how I think this song can apply to wedding planning (and life)?

Well, one thing brides will swiftly (haha!) learn while planning a wedding is that everyone will want to weigh in on the planning process. 

"You should do programs." "You shouldn't do programs." "You should have a flower girl and ring bearer." "You shouldn't have children attend at all because they will distract from you." "You should have a DJ." "Dancing offends me, you're not having dancing, right?" "You absolutely must buy your bridesmaids dresses for them." "Bridesmaids in matching dresses is completely overrated these days." 

No matter what decisions you make, there will always be at least one person who will take issue with them. 

It is completely, utterly impossible to please everyone with how you plan your wedding.

Because of this, it's vital that once you and your fiance have come out of the newly engaged haze and are ready to start seriously planning, you should sit down together and make a list of your prioritiesWhether it's declaring how much you hate the Cupid Shuffle and would die if it was played at your reception, or that you want an outdoor wedding in the Fall. Talk about your priorities and stick with them. 

Because reality is, you could stick to every rule in Emily Post's etiquette book and still offend people.

And when people start questioning your methods and insisting your take their advice?

Just shake it off

This is your special day. What's right for someone else doesn't automatically make it right for you two. That's what makes your day special and unique. That's what makes your love story so beautiful - because no one else can experience it exactly the same. Plus, there are tons of ways to graciously listen to what others say while sticking to your guns. (A great response is "I will consider what you've said, but I can't promise that we will change anything." or, when people suggest vendors for instance, "If you send me their information I'll put them on my list of people to consider.") 

Now, watch the video at the bottom, shake off what's bogging you down, and get back to being you + planning your dream wedding!

xoxo, Stacia