Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Retro Comic Book Girl

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovelies!

I'm looking a little different today. haha. I love Halloween and coming up with unique costumes. Michael + I aren't going anywhere this year, but if we were, I would definitely be going as a retro-inspired comic book girl. Today I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial with you incase YOU want to go as a comic book girl in my place. ;) 

Ready to see me looking completely bizarre?? Here we go!


Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow (colors = your choice), Black Facepaint, Black Waterproof Eyeliner, Red Lipstick, Blush (cream recommended), White Facepaint, Blue Facepaint, Mascara, Thin Brush for Application, Q-Tips for Application + Falsies.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Start by applying foundation to your face and neck. Do your best to get your skintone as even as possible. If you want to get an even more authentic comic book feel, you could try mixing some white face paint in with your foundation to make your complexion even paler.

Next, using face paint, you will draw lines on and around your face to give yourself an outline. (Remember, the goal is to look like we're a drawing come to life.)

My suggested order to prevent as much smudging as possible: Your collar bones, the sides of your nose, down the center of your nose, the inside of your nostrils (this tickles!), your eyebrows, your ears, your forehead + jawline.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Apply eyeshadow, blush and a bright red lipstick. I went neutral with my eyeshadow, but you could go as colorful as you want!

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Outline your eyes and your lips with waterproof eyeliner. (Since face paint is water-based, I recommend the waterproof eyeliner around your lips for more long-lasting coverage.)

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Optional: Using blue facepaint, draw a tear pool under one eye. Outline with black waterproof eyeliner and add white light glimmers with white face paint.

Recommended: Add a white glimmer to your lower lip using white face paint. Be careful not to let it smudge while it dries.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Take your q-tip, moisten it slightly, and then roll it in your white face paint. Use the round end to carefully and consistently apply dots all over your face and neck area. Be careful not to let the dots overlap with any of your black outlines to maintain the drawn illusion. I used a few q-tips to keep the size the way I wanted.

Apply falsies and mascara.

For a slightly different, probably more authentic comic book look, you could also apply red dots instead of white.

What are you being this Halloween?

xoxo, Stacia