Gift Guide: For the Parents + Grandparents

Christmas is my favorite! One of my very favorite parts of the Christmas season is trying to find the perfect gifts for all the special people in my life! This is not always a simple task, however. To try and make it easier for you, I've compiled a small series of gift guides that I'll be sharing with you over the next couple weeks. Today we're focusing on the parents and grandparents in our families and I've gone a bit of a less traditional route.!

Wayfaren - I know my mom was (and is) always collecting little scraps of paper, acorns, or other random gifts that my siblings and I gave her as children, and then pictures and programs as we got older. Why not give those you love a place to store all of their memories with these beautiful wooden boxes from Wayfaren? Each box is handcrafted with love and you can even have your purchase specially engraved. Wafaren likes to take the giving even further by donating 10% of each purchase to the Her Initiative which provides clean water to underdeveloped countries around the globe. Use code HOLIDAY15 to take 10% off any purchased through December 18th.

Tiny Nose, Little Toes - Every mom knows that their jewelry becomes a playground for their little ones. Why not make accessorizing less stressful by giving her a child friendly silicone teething necklace? The silicone beads are safe for little ones to play with, but they are in fun, modern shapes and colors that will help mom feel a little more stylish. Use code PaperSwallow15 for 15% off your purchase between now and December 31st.

Little Yellow Daisies - Delight your parents with a custom illustrated portrait of them or of you (or their fur babies)! Little Yellow Daisies creates whimsical illustrations of you and your family members based off of photo references that you provide. Delight them with a portrait that they can enjoy for years to come. Use code PAPERSWALLOW10 for 10% off your purchase through December 11th.

Messy Little Smiles - Most mom's know that anything in their purse can be fair game for their toddlers, but what's really in that chapstick that you find them using (or occasionally eating...)? Messy Little Smiles takes away a large part of that worry by using only real, natural and USDA organic ingredients in their chapsticks - making them much safer for both mom and baby! Use code CHRISTMASKISSES for 15% off of any order of a "Family 4 Packs" or "Stocking Stuffer 10 Pack."

Intentionally Designed - Every mom needs a little help remembering when she needs what kid to be where (and every dad, too.) Give them some help with a beautiful weekly notepad from Intentionally Designed, or give them a place to jot notes and keep track of important ideas or tasks in a beautiful notebook!  Use code HOLIDAY15 for 15% off your purchase through December 11th.

The Oyster's Pearl - Why not give them a gift that's a fun, modern and whimsical take on the traditional "mom of the year" or "best dad" shirts, ties, and mugs. The Oyster's Pearl designs beautiful bear shirts for every member of your family - whether they're the mama bear or the papa bear or the little bear. These shirts are sure to delight! (And if not, there are plenty of other modern and whimsical designs in their shop that you can choose from.) Use code PAPER10OFF for 10% off your purchase through January 31st.

Paper Jayne Books - Give your loved ones a pretty place to keep track of things that inspire them, memories they want to keep, or even a space to draw while waiting for their little one to be done at ballet. Each journal is handcrafted and comes with the option for customization, so you can find one that perfectly suits and needs and personality of your loved one! Use code PAPERSWALLOW for 10% off your purchase through December 25th.

Succulents & More - Do you have a family member that loves to garden? Give them a DIY terrarium kit that comes complete with all the supplies they'll need to create a hanging terrarium scene for their home. Alternatively, if DIY isn't their thing but you know they'd love the terrarium, you could always put the kit together for them before delivering it on Christmas day! (Be mindful if you live in low temperatures to order a heat pack through the shop to ensure that the plants don't die on their way to you!) Use code CHRISTMAS2015 for 10% off your purchase of $20 or more through January 15th, 2016.

What do you like to get the parents and grandparents in your life?

xoxo, Stacia

P.S. Check out the other holiday gift guides I've been sharing for the other people on your list! So far I've covered the gentlemen in your life and come back tomorrow because I'll be covering the hostesses.