Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day (Guest Post)

Today I am honored to have Emily Lorin sharing some beautiful and heartfelt words about getting the most out of your wedding day and centering your heart on the things you'll truly want to remember at the end of it. Thank you so much for sharing, Emily! xoxo, Stacia

Let's face it, wedding days are stressful.

For months now you have picked out the right everything. The right dress, the right cake, the right tie & cummberbund to match the right bridesmaids' dresses, the right location, with the right seating. Everything has been planned to be exactly as you have always dreamed it would be.

Imagine ten years from now celebrating your anniversary and looking at one another and remembering, not all the perfectly planned details, but only how stressed, overwhelmed, and chaotic the day was.

Absolutely no one plans for that, but it happens to us all. We get all-consumed in making sure our perfect day is just that, perfect, that we forget to enjoy this absolutely beautiful day we have created.

Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your magnificently magical wedding day:

First, pick a trusted manager.

In order to relax, you must have someone you trust taking care of all of the details so you are off planning duty. When wedding day comes, your job is 100% done. If you do not have a wedding planner taking care of all of these details (Paper Swallow Events is happy to help, I'm sure, but if that's not your style) then invite a trusted friend or maybe an aunt do the hustling for you. Mothers are absolutely off-limits for this position. At your wedding rehearsal go through all the details, give them a beautiful notebook with their names on it, and tell them to take notes so they know exactly what you want to happen. {It is essential that you trust this person entirely so that you can keep your nose out of it entirely & enjoy your wedding day.}

That is your absolutely only job on wedding day! [Crisis with the caterers? ...trusted friend knows what to do. She can handle it. Let her know that you believe this to be true and then let her work it. For those of you that like to be in control this is going to be challenging, but entirely worth it.]

Second, commit to being mindful.

Being mindful is essentially a fancy word for paying attention. Commit to being swept away in the small moments of your day (not the stress, planning, or organizing):

Pay attention to:

  • the way your sister sweeps the whisps of hair off your neck when she's fixing your hair

  • how your mom timidly asks you to do her make up for her

  • the sound of all of your favorite girls gathering around you getting ready

  • the way your laughter literally makes the room swell with love

  • the butterflies in your stomach right before they play the notes that cue your entrance

  • the look in your dad's eyes when he “gives you away”

  • the slightly jittery hands that clasp each other at the alter

Notice how sweet champagne smells when you toast your morning mimosa and the look of adoration and love that fills people's eyes when they look at you. These are the things you will want to remember.

Lastly, remember these sweet moments.

The day will come and go fast. In the end, you are guaranteed to be exhausted. But looking people in the eyes and being present when they tell you how beautiful the wedding is—even though there is a line of nineteen other people waiting to hug you—is something you will not regret. The little moments are the glue that hold the entire day together and, ten years from now, when you look through the photographs you will want to remember that your Aunt Lily smelled like Orchids that day or that your dad started crying at breakfast and never did stop, as far as you know.

Take care to remember. Breathe deep. Take moments to close your eyes throughout the day and fill your belly with breath, notice how you feel, what you're thinking, and tuck it away in your memory... that when years past from this most perfect wedding day you will have more than photographs and a ring on your finger, you will have timeless memories that no one could have planned for and that no one can ever take away.

Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day - Paper Swallow Events

Emily Lorin is a counselor, writer, yoga instructor, speaker and, above all else, a ferocious shame-hater. She writes at about courageously living life: knowing your true self, showing up authentically at home & work, mental health, & total body wellness. She would love to connect with you!