the Perfect Gift for Your Geeky Bridesmaids

The Perfect Gift for Your Geeky Bridesmaids - Paper Swallow Events

This weekend, when Michael took some engagement photos of our friends, he used me as a test subject to get his lighting right while we waited for them to arrive. Since I happened to be wearing my new very favorite shirt ever, I thought these pictures are the perfect excuse to tell you all about my new brand obsession! (If you're a geek yourself, or if you're on the hunt for a quality gift for a geeky member of your bridal party, you should definitely keep reading!)

Jordandene specializes in creating products that embrace different fandom in subtle - or not so subtle - ways. They sell shirts, tanks, onesies (which I will be buying ALL of when we someday have children), aprons and accessories that feature different popular words or phrases from a wide variety of fandoms. As a Harry Potter fan, I adored the color scheme and phrase featured on the Swish + Flick shirt that I purchased. The screen printing is beautifully done, and the fabric is oh so cozy. 

I wear this shirt all the time, and definitely plan to purchase another item from Jordandene in the near future. The trick is deciding which one! (I'm thinking this one is perfect for summer!)

The one thing I will note is that even though the website calls their long sleeve shirts "sweat shirts", they are a soft t-shirt material. I have no complaints about this fact, but in the interest of transparency, I thought that I should tell all of you. :)

Shirt: Jordandene
Pants: Banana Republic
(out of stock)
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Minnetonka
Scarf: Gap
Nail Polish: DIY by Me

How do you show your geek side?

xoxo, Stacia