February Photo Challenge (Join Me!)

February Photo Challenge - Paper Swallow Events

One of my goals for the year was to do a month long photo challenge that would stretch myself a little as a photographer. After thinking about how I wanted to handle this, I realized that the most fun challenges are challenges that other people can participate in! I've come up with a prompt for every day in February and a hashtag to unite us all on Instagram if you choose to join me (which I really hope you do!)

I chose the hashtag #shakeitupdaily because I'm looking to shake up the norm of what I feel the world expects from me as both a person and a business owner, and instead embrace where my passions are and what I feel my faith directing me towards. I know for myself that when I stop worrying about what all the external voices and opinions seem to be telling me and focus on what I know to be true, I am more comfortable, confident, and relaxed in my work. And when I can be those things, that's where the magic happens. So this year I am hoping to #shakeitupdaily and embrace more of who I was created to be and release more of what I feel pressured to become instead.

I also chose the hashtag because I want to shake up my normal photo routine and challenge myself to try something a little different. To capture parts of my life that I wouldn't normally think to capture. To broaden my perspective of the word around me and make myself branch out. Because it's good to be a little uncomfortable every now and then.

Every Sunday I'll post a list of the prompts for the week, the photos I shared for the challenge, and a selection of my favorite interpretations of the different prompts by all of you! I tried to intentially keep the prompts open to some level of interpretation so that we can all express that prompt how we see it. I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you come up with and featuring your work throughout this month! 

February Photo Challenge - Paper Swallow Events

I'll be back on Sunday (February 1st) to remind you of the prompts we will be focusing on for the first week!

What are your favorite photo challenges? I hope that you join in on this one!

xoxo, Stacia