DIY Golden Pear Escort Cards

DIY golden pear escort cards

Escort card displays can be so hard to figure out sometimes, but when they're done right they add a lot to the overall aesthetic of your wedding. This golden pear escort card display was so simple to put together and turned out really lovely, in my opinion! I'm confident it would look great with a variety of fruits and in multiple colors!


  • Styrofoam pears (I thrifted mine, but these seem to be similar, or perhaps these, but I haven't seen them in person so I can't be sure. Just make sure that they are styrofoam so that you can easily make an incision for your paper to slip into.)
  • Gold metallic acrylic paint (This is what I used.)
  • X acto knife
  • Paper punch
  • Nicer quality paper (Make sure it is sturdy enough to stand straight once cut to your desired size.)
  • Calligraphy pen + ink or Pen of your choosing


  1. Paint your pears the desired color (if they didn't already come in the color you want.) For those who are tempted, I tried spray painting one of mine first and this is what happened. I had some people tell me that covering the styrofoam with Mod Podge or saran wrap might prevent the spray paint from eating through your styrofoam, but I decided just to go ahead and hand paint them versus going through the extra steps.
  2. Once your pears have dried, make a slit in the top of your pear with the x acto knife where you want to insert your name card.
  3. Using your paper punch, cut your paper to the desired shape and size.
  4. Write your guests' names and table numbers on the paper slips.
  5. On the day of the wedding, once your pears and papers have been safely transported to the venue, slip the name cards into the pre-cut slits in your pears. Waiting until the day of prevents any accidental wrinkling or misplacing of name cards.

What do you think? Super simple, right?! I'd love to see if you create some of your own fruit escort cards for your wedding or event!

xoxo, Stacia

Photography: Sarah Becker Photography | Model: Juliet Spiekerman | Escort Cards: DIY by Me