Currently Loving: Cobalt Blue

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Recently I have been helping one of my besties search for the perfect blue wedges to wear with her wedding dress. (Being a Matron of Honor is so much fun!) During our search I have found myself absolutely adoring the color cobalt blue, and, since Michael and I are still recovering from our adventures in Oklahoma, I thought I might share some cobalt blue inspiration with all of you. Many of these items are perfect to wear while running wedding errands, going out for a night with your bridesmaids (or your groom), and some of them could potentially be beautiful wedding day accessories if you're using cobalt blue as one of your colors!

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Cobalt Blue Skirt  |  Necklace  |  Blue Dye Photo  |  Top  |  Ring  |  Bag  |  Shoes  |  Nails

What is a color you are loving right now?

xoxo, Stacia