Currently Vol. 2

Currently Vol. 2 - Paper Swallow Events

Two posts in one day today! I couldn't resist. I really love the Currently community that Dearest Love and In Residence cultivate once a month, so I'm jumping in a day earlier because I'm excited about the post I have scheduled for tomorrow and want it to have the full day spotlight on the blog. (Just a little honest, behind-the-scenes talk for you all.)

Anyways! Here is my "Currently."

Dreaming - I'm dreaming up pretty details for a huge collaboration I have coming up in April. It's going to be really lovely, but there are a lot of details to settle on between now and then.

Planning - My friend Jen's bachelorette party! It's been a little interesting because the shower is in Chicago, but I'm really excited about the details I've managed to pull together! The celebration should be really fun!

Making - I've been making alterations to my bridesmaid dress for the wedding coming up next week. It's a really lovely dress from BHLDN, but it's a little too low cut in the front, so I've been working on seamlessly making it less revealing. 

Baking - Nothing. I almost never bake. Gluten free baking requires a lot of ingredients and can get a little complex so I don't do much of it.

Watching - Agents of SHIELD. After talking with Meg last week I decided I really needed to start watching this show. It's been as epic as she promised!

What are you up to currently?

xoxo, Stacia